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Since its first year, the Festival has always organized its program along artistic considerations. Never in the history of the CineFest has the idea of the influence by any local or national politics presented itself in connection to the Festival or its programs. The organizers of the event have always been intent on protecting the integrity, artistic and professional independence of the event.

The goal of the Festival was, is and is going to be to spread the principles of tolerance. Since the beginnings, the Jameson CineFest has been opened for films of any topics by filmmakers of all nations, religions or ethnicities.

The accusation of exclusion is absurd in relation to a Festival that has been running a special Roma program for seven years, which is, by the way, absolutely unique in terms of other Hungarian film events.

We believe that the offenses against the Festival, making their way into different media, question our main goal. We might have handled and communicated the problem and the conflict in a way that was not clear for everyone. After this, our only goal is to solve the problem by discussion and clear away misunderstandings.

Therefore we decided to ask the DunaDOCK members to put aside their personal misconceptions and come back to the Festival with a workshop of any topic chosen by them. The DunaDOCK group notified us that because of the short notice they are unfortunately unable to organize a program this year. Both parties agreed that they will seek for the opportunity to co-operate in the future. Tibor Bíró Festival director

SEPTEMBER 12-21, 2014

Save the date: the 11th Jameson CineFest will be held then in 2014. Hungary's leading international film festival is waiting you with the best films of the year, exclusive premieres, film historical programs, concerts and parties.

45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI 2014) in Goa application possibility:

As in the previous year, the International Film Festival of India Secretariat (Directorate of Film Festivals) under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is going to organize the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI 2014) in Goa from 20th to 30th November 2014. In addition to the regular sections of the Festival, an International competition for Director of Feature Films from all continents is being organized in this Film Festival. The total prize money is US$ 200,000 approximately. Given the excellent cultural relations between India and Hungary and our task to promote film cooperation, your presence along with some of your best and new films for participation in IFFI 2014 will be appreciated. The Regulations and Entry Forms can be downloaded from the website .


We received a record number of entries, thank you, we will present the list of the films in competition in mid August.


One of the greatest figures of Hungarian cinema, JCF's 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Miklós Jancsó dies at 92. Four years ago Mr. Jancsó was welcomed in Miskolc with video messages by Black Swan's Darren Aronofsky and The Wolf of Wall Street's Martin Scorsese. The Hollywood veteran considers the ending of Jancsó's The Round-up (Szegénylegények) as one of the best showdown scenes of all times - the whole message is here, ex Harvard student Darren Aronofsky's greeting is here.


17 features in the competition program, all Hungarian (and 4 of them Central European) premieres, 8 features in the open eye program (3 Central European premieres), 5 film classics in the CineClassics program, a Sundance Channel selection, a full Kechiche retrospective, workshops, American film Showcase, master classes, DunaDock program, conferences, an international film market, several meetings for professionals - in short, this was Hungary's number one film event, the 10th Miskolc International Film Festival that ended on Saturday, 21 September. The Grand Prize of the Festival, named after the Miskolc born Academy Award winner director Emeric Pressburger went to Katrin Gebbe’s Nothing Bad Can Happen (Tore tanzt). The prize was handed to the production designer, Anna Wübber, the director thanked it via video message from Hollywood. The film won the FICC prize as well. The Prize of the jury, named Adolph Zukor prize after the Hollywood producer who was born near Miskolc and who founded the Paramount Pictures went to Cannes Golden Camera winner Ilo Ilo. The prize was accepted by the director of the film, Anthony Chen. It was the third time in the Miskolc International Film Festival when an ecumenical jury has chosen their favorit from the feature competition program. The Ecumenical Jury and also the international FIPRESCI jury decided to award the Ilo Ilo. As so, Chen’s film won three award and a standing ovation from the audience. The prize for the best short feature, sponsored by, went to the Israeli Welcome and Our Condolences. The director, Leon Prudovsky, thanked it via video message. The prize for best documentary, sponsored by Miskolc Auto Ltd., went to the Polish We will be happy…One day, while the prize for best animation, named after the Hungarian animation director Attila Dargay, went to Péter Vácz’s The Rabbit and the Deer.


Mr. Szabó received the award on 19 September. The audience of CineFest Hungary's had the chance to see the real face of Central Europe: CineClassics presented three consecutive evenings the 75-year-old István Szabó's and the 70-year-old Klaus-Maria Brandauer's three masterpieces, which show three typical Central European characters. An Academy Award, three Academy Award nominations, Golden Globe nominations, BAFTA and Cannes awards: this is the result the unique collaboration between the Hungarian director and the Austrian actor, which started in 1980. The spectacular historical tableaux were successful not only here but worldwide, making István Szabó one of the world's best directors.


The newest film by Alexander Payne (Sideways, Descendants) is also premiered at the Jameson CineFest in September 2013 - two months before the US opening. America presents us a face in this movie, that isn’t likely to be showed elsewhere: the social network of a small town. Payne’s movie caresses your soul; it is a miraculous cure against depression. A tale of love, self-sacrifice and a big yes to life. The main character played by Bruce Dern (pictured with the director) won Golden Palm in Cannes.


It was fresh, crass, funny: the Central European premiere of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's first direction: Don Jon (played by the director himself) was huge success. Gordon-Levitt’s chemistry with costars Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore ignited the screen with heat and emotion.Distributed in Hungary by Big Bang Media from 3 October. You can watch the director's video message here.


The festival’s name remains the same: on 31 January the Hungarian agency of the Jameson Irish Whiskey and the representatives of Miskolc IFF signed an agreement on another 3 years of cooperation.Dr. Ákos Kriza mayor and MP Katalin Csöbör, Member of Parliament were also present at the ceremonious meeting. The brand of Jameson has been present at the festival almost from the beginning. This cooperation evolved together with the festival’s development throughout the years. Jameson CineFest (JCF), Hungary’s most important film event can take the pride in bearing the support of a significant international sponsor. The success story continues: this year’s jubilee 10th festival is going to be one day longer and will include more films, more programs, stars and concerts. As Mr. Tamás Singlár, representative of the Jameson and Tibor Bíró festival director said, JCF is not only the good example for arts patronage useful for both parties but also strengthens the international reputation of Hungarian culture.


The István Szőts memorial year, honouring one of the greatest directors of the Hungarian cinema (who is, undeservedly, is lesser known abroad), was launched in autumn of 2011 in Miskolc within the scope of CineClassics program series, with a full retrospective (including his 1941 Venice award winner mesterpiece Men on the Mountains), director István Szabó’s film intro, a lifetime achievement exhibition and a full-day conference to honour Szőts, who was born 100 years ago. The memorial year now ends with the publishing of al book. The volume titled Ember a havason (Man on the Mountains) is edited by Judit Pintér and Ábel Márk Záhonyi, and will be published at the beginning of March. It will include the articles of András Szekfü, György Báron, György Lukácsy, Péter Muszatics, Sándor Sára, Ferenc Kósa, János Tari, András Kisfaludy, Ákos Kovács, András Péterffy, Erzsébet Szilágyi, Imre Szíjártó, Györgyi Vajdovich and László Deák Sárosi.

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